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The Prim Merchant was born out of a love of antiques and all things primitive.  Each piece of folk art featured here has been handmade, taking great care in quality, design and workmanship, three characteristics we take very seriously.  And every piece is signed by the artist.  Our patterns have been tried and tested to assure ease of instructions and assembly in order that you can make your very own primitive.  So, grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy the journey as we strive to preserve the past for future generations.  

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About The Prim Merchant.... In a world where computers, ipods and cellphones have dominated our lives, the time-honored arts of our forebears has lost its way, or, in most cases, simply forgotten. The wonderful knowledge of sewing, painting, and creating has given way to technology. Through inspiration, encouragement and motivation, we strive to recreate and teach the lost or ’forgotten’ arts. Our goal is to preserve the past for future generations. Teaching naïve arts to children through 4-H groups and summer programming at recreation centers and camps, we feel our goal is being reached and beyond. 

We are a philanthropic group, gladly donating our time, efforts and a portion of our profits to benefit others. We have donated to purchase books for a local library and given of our time and inventory to the Lancaster Folk Art Society whose goal is to keep the naive arts alive and to the further betterment of our christian community through participation at The Barnful of Quilts held in Waxhaw, NC each October. 

Join with us as we provide a little bit of the past for the future through simplicity. But most of all remember: live, laugh, love and learn.

We gladly accept your personal check, money order and Google Checkout.  If paying by personal check or money order, payment must be received within five (5) business days. Your order will be shipped when we are assured of clearance by your bank/institution, usually ten (10) business days. If paying by credit/debit card through Google Checkout, order is shipped usually within two business days. 

All articles are shipped via USPS. If you need another carrier other than USPS, PLEASE notify us by email for shipping fees BEFORE you buy. International shipping is not available at this time.

Refunds and Exchanges 
Due to the nature of the articles we provide, refunds are not available. Insurance against loss or damage during transit is not included in the shipping fee but is made available for an additional fee if desired.  

Additional Policies and FAQs 
Each and every article is handmade with great care by a Primitive Artisan. Due to the nature of the materials we use discoloration, knots, bumps and overall flaws in the fabric and materials are not considered defects. They only add to the charm of the handcrafted piece which is sure to become tomorrow’s treasure. 

The Prim Merchant…
preserving the past for future generations

Legal Stuff... 

All products and patterns are copyrighted by The Prim Merchant unless otherwise stated.  As the purchaser you may make finished products from our patterns for personal use, craft fairs and other venues.  If the product is made for sale via the internet, please give credit to the designer; you may not claim the design as your own.  Mass production, photocopying or any other form of mechanical reproduction is strictly prohibited.  These are copyrighted patterns.  Marketing of their design in any form other than wholesale purchasing directly from The Prim Merchant, within retail stores, or via the internet is strictly prohibited.  All violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Copyright 2010 The Prim Merchant.  
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