The Prim Merchant
The Primitive Doll Maker 
Are you new to the world of making primitives?  Basic sewing skills are all that's needed to make your very own primitive.  This informative 36 page book provides the patterns and the know-how along with a brief history of the doll.  All you have to bring is the inspiration and desire!   

Book covers these topics:
The Primitive Life
A Brief History
What Is Primitive Folk Art?
What You Need To Get Started
Making the Doll - Step-By-Step 
Photographs for Inspiration 
Rusting and Staining Recipes and Pinch Stitching
4 Different Sized Patterns for Dolls and Clothing 

If a printed, spiral bound book is desired, the cost is $27.95 + S&H.  Send an email to to inquire and you will be sent an invoice.  

Excerpt from 'The Primitive Doll Maker"

"The 20th Century held many wonders: in 1903 the Wright Brothers took to the air, flying like the birds; in 1908 the Model T Ford was mass produced changing the lives of Americans forever; in the 1930’s Americans discovered television; 1969 began the era of space travel with Neil Armstrong as the first man to step foot on the moon.  Now, in the 21st Century, we can’t leave home without a cell phone in our pocket and watch television on those cell phones,  we read books on electronic devices rather than bound volumes, correspond through email, and, if you have enough money, can experience space travel for yourself.   Although my home has many of these wonderful devices and 21st century marvels, I think perhaps I was born in the wrong century.  I love a simple way of life, surrounded by simple things, mostly old paint-chipped tables and chairs, ancient rugs on the floors, old farm tables in the dining room, and antique dressers in the bedrooms.  Interspersed with all these old things are many vintage toys, ancient books, antique bookcases that belonged to my grandparents, my ever-growing quilt collection, even old dishes, measuring cups and a small hoard of antique copper molds in my kitchen.  But further still are the primitives.  Among this South Carolina backwoods country lifestyle are my creations and although they are “new’,  I must say they fit in just fine with the antiquity they accompany.   The primitive dolls of today are not children’s playthings but the complete opposite.  They are a somewhat ‘shabby’ sophisticated décor that fits in the country or rustic lifestyle harmoniously.   They are often made of re-purposed materials, just like the quilts of yesteryear.  Old scraps of lace, buttons saved in a coffee tin, old dresses, the possibilities are endless.  Even scraps of cloth or sawdust be may used to stuff the dolls.  The farming mothers of the 19th century used what they had.  I enjoy making primitives and gain my insight from looking at old photographs, dress styles from the 1800’s, the toys and dolls children of the 19th century adored and loved.  And a lot of it is pure whimsy and foolishness, purely figments of my active imagination.  Hopefully this book will spark your creativity, uplift your spirits and provide a little escape into the past.  Also it is such a joy to make your own primitive in your own style, in your own taste, from your own imagination. Gather your supplies and be prepared to take a journey into the past where things were simple and nothing was wasted. Welcome to the wonderful world of primitives."